Cirque Bijou’s Umbrella Project was made for this time of year.

The days are shorter and darker, the weather turns… But lights begin to appear. Illuminating houses, decorating trees, lighting up our towns and cities. With the weather often unpleasant and damp, our Umbrella Project is the perfect outdoor performance piece for this time of year, bringing light (and cover!) to performing artists.

Umbrella Project

Our Umbrella Project is the perfect booking to help bring a little light to the winter season. Our Umbrellas come with dedicated technicians and choreographers. Working with local participants, we teach accessible movements and dance, bringing the Umbrellas to life.

They work especially well in a parade setting – we walk through the streets with our umbrellas undulating and circling above and around us. They also look beautiful as a set performance piece. There are many variations you can perform.

Take a look at our video and watch them all in action.

Summer Umbrellas

But we’re not just for the winter months! We’ve brought Cirque Bijou’s Umbrella Project to many a summer festival across the UK and Internationally. They make the perfect accompaniment to festival parades, as well as complimenting and enhancing bigger, finale shows.

They’re a great way to combine large spectacles with community participation. Running workshops throughout the day is a great way to get audiences to engage and play an active part in the show.

In 2022 we took them to Salford where there was some beautiful umbrella choreography, performed underneath our crane show.

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Photo Credits: Andre Pattenden, Carolina Faruolo, Ravi Lakhani and Sarah Milligan