Video & Special FX

Modern day magic

We celebrate with explosions of colour, bursts of glitter, and showers of fluttering streamers. We enhance aerial performance by setting it in the rain. We make artists appear and disappear. We use video projections to create skylines and dreamscapes, and we set our shows on fire for memorable finale moments.

With health & safety at the forefront of our planning, expert knowledge of our systems and working with only the best teams of specialist technicians, we love coming up with new and unusual ways of enhancing our shows.

Transformative & responsive

Working with teams of technological wizards, we create transformative and responsive performance environments using visual effects and motion graphics.

A 3D staging box will becomes a skyscraper for artists to backflip off, a dancer performs in front of a huge video screen that interacts directly with the choreography. Day becomes night, seasons change and buildings crumble. We create whole worlds for our shows, and we are forever curious to see where this technology can take us next.

My ambition is to create a completely interactive performance environment, so rather than the performer responding to the computer, the computer interacts with and responds to the performer. This would enable the performance to be completely live and experimental.

Howie Bailey, VFX and Motion Graphics, Cirque Bijou