Concept & Design

Designers, makers & visionaries

We hold an amazing network of in-house and freelance designers, makers and visionaries at our fingertips. Providing beautiful storyboarding for our shows, designing and making innovative costumes and styling our artists, building large scale props, sets and special effects, tinkering away with new technical developments - together we are a powerhouse of creation.

Big ideas and technical builds

We make structures, props and systems for performance that are durable, tourable, and highly visual, and we integrate them compellingly into live shows.

From our 4m high robot and flying lightbulb for Muse to our flame-throwing guitars for Goodwood Festival of Speed, from our indoor rain system to our LED-studded dance and aerial costumes, our experience is vast, our production unit is brimming and we are always up for a chat about a new idea.

Created in collaboration with Kunzberg and Adunic, we designed and built a 20m high kinetic sculpture based on a traditional circus 'Wheel of Death', for EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Some of the world's most daring acrobats powered the sculpture as they ran and flipped over the giant rotating wheels.