Touring Work

From theatres to rock & roll stadiums

We make artistic, scalable, durable and easily packable shows for large and diverse audiences, that will stick in their minds forever.

Rock and roll shows and stadium tours are all about the hyper real, larger than life, highly visual, knock out moments. They require the slickest of planning and production, the gold standard of efficiency and true grit & stamina. We have the ideas, the expertise and the teams to meet the call.

Wide appeal & lasting impact

We have a vast experience creating accessible, vibrant and widely appealing shows for presentation outdoors. Whether that's quirky and playful street theatre to animate a festival or narrative circus shows with live music as a series of standalone events, we know our audiences and we know how to fit into different spaces.

I want one of these (robots) 20 feet tall, patrolling the stadium singing unsustainable… I was thinking LEDs and CO2 blasting out of ears.

Matt Bellamy, Muse, from Twitter