Fire & Light

Illuminating the night

Celebrate a festive night and light up the stage and streets with stirring fire effects or mesmerising, cutting edge light technology.

With a vast experience and utmost attention to safety, Cirque Bijou’s dreamers, makers, technicians and world class artists integrate fire and light into performance with creativity and flair.

From flame throwing guitars and pyrotechnic backpacks to hand-held LED props and pulsing programmable dance costumes, we have the kit and the ideas to make shows that glow.

Dazzling light and motion

Light Energy Dance is an explosive 5 minute display of dazzling light and motion, performed by expert street dancers wearing our LED suits. With over 1000 colour changing LEDS controlled via wireless DMX, watch dancers multiply, float, grow limbs or disappear in front of your eyes!

The Umbrella Project is an adaptable and accessible show using up to 70 of our programmable LED Umbrellas. Working with professional dancers or community members we can choreograph beautiful, interactive moving light installations that can instantly transform landscapes or environments.

Our LED umbrellas have travelled far and wide, from Egypt to Transylvania, to many a green festival field - lighting up landscapes and hearts wherever they go...