One of many highlights of this summer for us was creating the Wilderness Festival Saturday night spectacle. Billy says:

‘Last year I worked with one of the best high wire walkers in the world to make a new finale spectacle for Wilderness Festival. As a team we wanted to make a high wire show like no other in this country. We had a really ambitious vision for what we wanted to achieve and on a scale that no other high wire show had attempted and we also wanted to include a super group of live musicians led by Martha Tilston.

The whole team had immense trust in each other and even though we only finally saw this realised on the night of the show. We all believed enough in everyone abilities that we could achieve the impossible.’

Wilderness Festival said:

“We gathered in our thousands at your feet Cirque Bijou. In silence, we sat disarmed. You shone. Poised and flaming.” 

Photo courtesy of Jenna Foxton