We have been busy designing and building a brand new bespoke circus structure for the new Extraordinary Bodies show What Am I Worth? premiering at Carlow Arts Festival in June.

After a tech week in Bristol last week, the structure is now in the 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space in Newbury where the whole company are devising and rehearsing the show. The tipping and spinning circular structure, built by Will Datson who also built ‘The Bridge’ for Extraordinary Bodies’ last show Weighting, will sit at the heart of the show, and the artists will dance, fly,  flip, catch and sing upon the transformative stage.

The making of this show involves working in groundbreaking and innovative ways due to the fact that most members of the cast have physical disabilities, and are pushing their bodies to work in ways they have never worked before. The set is being used as a platform to push boundaries around physical performance, creating images never before seen on stage.