We’re celebrating 25 years of Cirque Bijou.  Each month we are looking back on some of our favourite projects of the last quarter century.

In 2022 we were part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant.  The event took place in London on 5th June, and included 5,000 people from across the UK and Commonwealth. 

Our Float

We were commissioned to design, build and animate a large moving stage to take part in the parade that would harness creativity, ingenuity, humour and community spirit.

The theme for our float was ‘Unity’ and we went about achieving this through what we do best – bringing together a diverse range of artists and performers from all walks of life.

Our performance for the Pageant included around 90 young dancers from Tottenham-based dance group Steppaz. This powerhouse of a group put together some brilliant choreography that they performed in, on and around the float. The youngest dancer was just 5 years old!

We also had a community of wheelchair basketballers join us, as well as professional trials mountainbike and bmx athletes, trampolinists and a diverse range of world-class circus artists.

Cirque Bijou's float for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Celebrating 25 years of Cirque Bijou.


It took us a little while to settle on the design for the float. We wanted all aspects of the design, styling and detail of it to shout inclusivity and unity. 

Julian invited muralist and artist Zoe Power to help realise his visions. Zoe put together the eyecatching final design for the float – the deconstructed British flag, in rainbow colours synonymous with Pride.

Celebrated fashion house Teatum Jones created the costumes to match this styling. As well as looking great, these costumes were all zero-waste. Made from end of roll material which would otherwise be landfill, they were all meticulously hand-painted or dyed, meaning no need for chemical washes.

On The Day

Gathering together 120 artists on and around a humongous moving float was quite a momentous achievement! Our stage managers were kept busy ensuring performers were where they needed to be, dressed and booted and ready for the parade.

Did we mention we also had a giant helium balloon, about three double decker buses tall, with an aerialist dangling beneath? Navigating this down the Mall proved to be one of the most challenging logistical aspects of the entire job. But it was worth it!

Circus Artist Andrew Gregory hangs suspended from a helium balloon, performing on Cirque Bijou's float for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant.
Celebrating 25 years of Cirque Bijou.

You can read more about our experience in this momentous event in our ‘Reflections from the Jubilee Pageant’ news piece.

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Photo credit: Andre Pattenden, Gerry Tissier, Richard Dawson/PA Wire