To our amazing performers, stage managers, riggers, crew, musicians, designers, costume makers, producers, partners, friends, and most importantly communities and audiences, we like everyone else are gathering up the pieces and trying to fashion them into something positive.

It may take a week or two to find the way forward, but we are not going anywhere. We are busy working out what we can still create and share, and we will do our best to support all those who would have been relying on us for work.

We will be offering regular mentoring and support for anyone in our industry who needs advice and guidance on how to get through this period of uncertainty.

When this period of isolation passes, we will need culture and public gatherings more than ever and we will all be here to make it happen.

📸 Martins Kukulis
Mario Queen of the Circus performing on Cirque Bijou’s circus stage at the Bristol Harbour Festival