We are celebrating 25 years of Cirque Bijou! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun…

How It Started

Billy and Julian started the company together in 1999.  As circus performers themselves, they saw an opportunity to create accessible and modern circus performance to engage and inspire audiences.

They wanted to break away from the traditional ideas of circus and encourage a new audience for the art form. They wanted to incorporate a variety of different performance disciplines and new technologies.

How It’s Going

Today, 25 years on, our clients vary from festivals to local authorities, private individuals to international agencies. Over the years we have built up strong working relationships with clients who ask us to return to work on their projects year after year. We are also fortunate enough to be building new connections and relationships all the time.

Our people are important to us. We have an enviable network of incredible artists, creatives, technicians and crew, and a wealth of talented partners we collaborate with. We pride ourselves on our team and put as much care into the individuals who make each job possible, as we do to the job itself.

Picture of circus artists with hula hoops and cyr wheels atop a moving stage.  Cirque Bijou are celebrating 25 years.

Celebrating 25 Years

To celebrate this milestone, each month we are going to be looking back at some of our favourite projects from over the years. The team have taken a wander down memory lane and picked out their stand-out jobs. We’ve also delved through the archives to pick out some cracking pictures for you.

Stay tuned for the first instalment! In the meantime, take a look at our showcase on Vimeo which contains our favourite videos from over the years. Also check out our Instagram for a look back on all the things we get up to.

Read more about Billy and Julian’s background, and the rest of the team, on our Meet Our Team page.

Photo Credits: Elmar Rubio and Dylan Parrin