Large scale spectacle

Reach for the stars

Working with world class artists and expansive, experienced teams of crew and technicians, we reach for the stars, creating spectacle shows to inspire, delight and astound.

If you are planning a launch, a lights switch on, a festival finale, or a huge celebration, if you have audiences of thousands and plenty of space, if you have big ideas and creative ambitions - give us a call. We would love to talk to you.

Flying High

From sky-scraping high wire walks and aerial stunts flown from cranes, to colossal video mapped sets and dazzling special effects, we harness art forms, technology and music to bring audiences a feast for all the senses.

We are specialists in aerial performance and all variations of wire and rope walking including Highline, Tightwire, Slackline and Slackrope, and are currently the only company in the UK producing the daredevil Fire Wire stunt, as seen at Wilderness Festival 2016.

We gathered in our thousands at your feet Cirque Bijou. In silence, we sat disarmed. You shone. Poised and flaming.

Wilderness Festival 2016