The Future of Circus

Innovation and future artists

We want our circus to be fresh and surprising. We travel the world, virtually and physically, to find and work with artists, designers, producers and technicians who push their physicality and creativity to its limits.

By supporting the showmakers of the future, we ensure that our ideas are constantly challenged, our sector is thriving and that our shows will always have great teams to work on them.

A diverse and inclusive circus

The future circus is one in which the diverse makeup of society is represented onstage, backstage and in the audience. We will embed this practice in all of our work.

Extraordinary Bodies, our partnership with Diverse City, is the UK's leading professional integrated circus company that creates large scale, bold, radical and joyous work with an exceptional cast of disabled and non-disabled circus artists, actors, dancers and musicians.

We are currently making a groundbreaking new show, 'What Am I Worth?', with an exceptional cast of diverse, disabled and non disabled artists. Find out more at

Our collaboration rewrote the rule book. A stage groaning with talent, at least three quarters of it disabled; Riley's egalitarian brand of minimalism writ large through gesture - sonic and sculptural. A rapt audience in collective held breath, and a tangible sense that nothing would ever be quite the same again."

Charles Hazlewood, Artistic Director, The British Paraorchestra