Extraordinary Bodies is the strong and unlikely partnership between us and award-winning arts and diversity practitioners Diverse City.

The company champions equal representation of D/deaf, disabled and non-disabled artists working together – onstage, offstage and in the audience. It launched in 2013 after we and Diverse City creatively collaborated for the first time on the opening of the London 2012 Olympics Sailing events with Breathe.

This year we were meant to be touring our show What Am I Worth?.  However, like most things planned for 2020, this has had to be postponed. Instead, we decided to create a new digital piece. 

What Do You See In Me? was filmed in artists’ homes during Lockdown in March and April 2020. It features an original score by Ted Barnes and was written by Hattie Naylor.

Meet Kelly Boy and the community he lives with
There’s Evie Smith, she works for the government,
Peggy who is carrying a precious bundle and her partner Hamid, he was big in Germany once.
Ergo, living alone, and Dan who admires him from next door
Nandy, whose home was stormed one night.
Lucia, who dreams of dancing with her partner again and
Annie, who wants to change the world, but can she in her new job?

They live as one community, each alone. In this story, told through physicality, dance and music, join a moment in time and delve into the lives of this community as they ask:

What Do You See In Me?

Watch the film here.