Khoj – a new outdoor show

Cirque Bijou partnered with Nutkhut to create ‘Khoj’ (Hindi for ‘The Search’), a new outdoor show combining circus, dance, music and storytelling in 3 languages. Khoj was a commission for the outdoor Mela sector in 2016 that we plan to tour more widely in 2017.

Set on and around a freestanding aerial rig, and taking inspiration from two iconic films, ‘Mela’ (1948) and ‘Logan’s Run’ (1976), Khoj tells the story of two friends who get lost in the chaos of a Mela, and when running to find each other, lose their sense of space & time.

Khoj toured Indian Melas in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Luton during summer 2016. Please contact us for more details or if you are interested booking Khoj in 2017.

Photo courtesy of Baldur Rafnsson